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On coronavirus, part II

April 20, 2020

This entry contains my own opinions and observations about the coronavirus situation in Finland and in my personal life. You are free to disagree. All comments on my blog are moderated, so any abusive remarks towards me or my opinions will not be approved.

We’re into week 5 of being at home from work and school… My dog is like:

At school

The City of Espoo has done some good stuff since the kids were asked to stay home. Though it looks like the school year will end at home (and they won’t meet at school anymore). We will probably know more in a few weeks. That’s sad – the Miss’ class is moving on to grade 7 in the fall and that’s a lot of familiar faces that they may not see in person anymore for good long time. 😦

In any case, a message came through back on March 26 that kids who wanted (and needed) food services could apply to have a snack bag delivered to the school every day, where they can go and pick it up. It came on very short notice, but for the families who depend on school food being provided every day (yes, every day – and without any extra cost), this is extremely helpful. There were a lot of restrictions apparently, and hiccups along the way, but the idea was a good one. I am sure a best practices policy will come out of this.

At work

In an on-line meeting one of my colleagues professed to drinking up to 20 cups of coffee per day. I wonder if he needs a pallet of coffee delivered to his home any time soon. LOL!

Some people who need access to certain tools at the office have been allowed to be at work. People have also been dropping in on an as-needed basis to get things done or pick stuff up.

We’ll find out more soon about when we can start going back to work – and stay there.

At home

The Mr. is getting stir crazy. I don’t blame him. Provided we are not subject to any heavy restrictions, it looks like we will both continue to go to the office once a week for a change of scenery. I have actually had to go there out of necessity.

One of my colleagues at work gave a great tip to those of us who have two-car (or more) households. We are able to take insurance off a vehicle temporarily, which is helpful especially if our cars mostly remained parked in the driveway at home. So as it stands now, my car is off the road for at least the next six weeks and we will save some EUR 25 a week in taxes and insurance costs.

We’re getting a lot done around the house and the yard. It’s great!

I think it’s getting boring for the Miss, so we’re hoping for some warmer weather soon.


There are so many things that have changed in the last few weeks. It feels like much longer!

The City of Espoo sent out a general text message to its residents on March 20 informing them of where to find out more information about coronavirus. This message came to me before I wrote my first entry, but I forgot to include it. To folks in other parts of the country – did your local authorities send you a message too?

The daily traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn (EST) has dropped off by more than 90 percent since restrictions were installed on travel between the two cities. On a normal day some 20 000 people move between the cities by ferry, now that number has dropped off to about 1 000 per day, the majority being people making deliveries.

Long-distance night trains have been cancelled until the end of May according to YLE News. I heard this on the radio awhile back.

People who help others in abusive home situations have reported an increase in the number of people seeking help via chat or helplines. For now the services have been expanded, which is a good thing. Being told to stay home with an abuser cannot be an easy thing. 😦 This is not just a thing in Finland, it is happening world-wide.

When the restrictions regarding movement in and out of Uusimaa came into effect on March 28, the Finnish Police also sent out a general text message to all residents. The Mr. got it first, then I did – and even the Miss got a message. This was good to see. I applaud this move – it needed to be done. As inconvenient as this was for a lot of people, we all have to do our part to stop this virus from spreading. The borders to Uusimaa have been opened up again, but I think it is too early. We should still be cautious, as I agree with the chief doctor at HUS: a second wave of coronavirus is entirely possible.

A lot of us are able to work from home and we have been, while making a lot of adjustments in our working habits. So far so good from my side. It seems there is a good deal of support for this to continue in the future.

People are spending more time outside.

On a potential vaccine: Researchers around the world are racing to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. Would you take it? Given the fiasco we had here in 2009 with the H1N1 vaccine causing narcolepsy in dozens of Finnish kids, some people might think twice about this. That being said, research is needed and thankfully scientists and researchers all over the world are on top of this.

There is so much going on and things are changing so fast. I wish you all well. Stay safe! We will get through this.

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  1. April 21, 2020 11:22 pm

    It’s good to hear how you are doing. Thank you for writing. x

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