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Being a statistic – again (UPDATED)

December 16, 2019

Earlier this year I was so pleased to get an invitation from Statistics Finland to take part in a research study collecting information about education completed outside of Finland. The gist of the study was to find out more about the educational background of foreigners in Finland, which has never been done before.

There are an awful lot of foreigners who have moved to Finland, but never taken part in the educational process here. I have taken some courses here and there, but I have no plans to re-train for anything. I have three university degrees already, surely that is enough.

The synopsis is as follows:

Description of the data collection

The aim is to complement the Register of Completed Education and Degrees with qualifications and degrees completed by the population with foreign background in so far as these qualification data are missing. The data collection is carried out as a mixed-mode collection (web + paper), where the primary mode of answering is the web questionnaire.

From whom are data collected?

Data collection concerning qualification data for the population with foreign background born abroad. The data collection is aimed at persons for whom there is no qualification data in the Register of Completed Education and Degrees and who have not participated in education leading to a qualification in Finland.

You can find out more about it here, (the previous two sections were copied directly from the site).

I was able to answer via the internet, which made it easy.

I sent an e-mail to find out whether the results of the study had been published, but no word just yet. If I find out I will be sure to follow up.

January 24, 2020: I got a response from the study team and the preliminary results have been published. You can read more about them here.

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