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What’s happening eh?

August 8, 2018


Well July was a write-off as far as blog posts go.


I was in Canada and got to see some new places. I’ll talk about that in an upcoming entry, because again, I have noticed life differences compared to here in Finland. And after nearly 20 years here, they are still worth noting. Here’s a teaser of some of the places we visited.

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What’s going on now?

I was brainstorming back in June wondering how could I do something that would catch people’s attention? On August 1, I started my challenge for the month of August —> pick up 10 000 cigarette butts (and plenty of other garbage) in my neighbourhood. That’s right 10 000. The City of Espoo kindly gave me some bags and I got some used buckets from a friend to collect them in. I am currently documenting my challenge on the Facebook page called 10,000 Butts Finland. You’re welcome to follow it.

Many of you know I have a Twitter account for my blog (@ LiveInFinland). The other day I pinged the local newspaper in Espoo about my challenge – and they put up a story about it. I am feeling pretty energized now – and Länsiväylä has thrown down the gauntlet. 10 000 – can I do it? 🙂

There are about 1500 butts here (from last week)

Watch this space!

What happened to…?

My New Year’s resolution: I promised to go and watch Finland’s elite sports women in action once a month, but this has fizzled out a bit. I consider my last stint on the elite sport’s front my participation in the first-ever Women’s World Para Ice Hockey Championships in Ostrava (CZE) back in May, Since then I haven’t had the chance to fulfill my resolution. I will get back on that – and soon. I will also write about my experience in Ostrava, because that is also worth sharing.

Until then (and it won’t be long), I hope you all have had a good summer and been able to keep cool in all this heat. As we all know, the weather has been making headlines this summer, but that is another story.

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