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Things I didn’t know last week

November 10, 2017

When you listen to the radio you find out lots of new things. When you take the time (or when you have the time) to read, you’ll also find out a lot of new things. Here’s what I found out recently:

  • The mushroom season has been pretty poor this year. (I blame the crappy weather.) Experts said the crop of ceps has been particularly bad, worst in almost 40 years. While there are mushrooms to be found out there (because I have found plenty), they’re just not as good as in past years.
  • There are 1700 water treatment plants in Finland. One expert said that for a small country like Finland, this is too many and that some consolidation of water treatment services is needed. (I don’t know much about this particular segment of infrastructure management, but this was an interesting bit of trivia.)
  • The largest concentration of unvaccinated children in Finland is in the west coast municipality of Pietarsaari.
  • From the S-group magazine Yhteishyvä: 90 percent of Finns consume only 10 different kinds of vegetables. That speaks for a need to expand our palates a little, doesn’t it?
  • There are 261 dogs in the service of the Finnish Police.
  • According to a report in Helsingin Sanomat last month, Finnish boys are the fattest in Europe. Every fourth boy is considered overweight, with 13-16 year-olds the largest group of overwight kids in Finland. Obesity is considered the biggest risk to youth around the world, an even bigger risk than malnutrition, according to the World Health Organization.
  • In the same edition of HS, it was reported that Finns are by far the largest users of mobile data, using more than 10,95 GB on average, per year. The OECD average is 1,89 GB. The reason behind this is the unlimited data plans that operators offer in this country. Finns use their mobile devices to stream video on-line, a lot.

This is just a mishmash of trivia, no themes, but interesting nonetheless.

P.s. I apologize for my absence lately, writer’s block and a busy life at the rink don’t help. 😉

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  1. November 14, 2017 1:36 pm

    Some interesting facts that I didn’t know. There are two facts that confirmed my observations though: there is a real need to have more veggies options at the markets & the boys’ weight. Funny that it is also very common to see Finnish runners endure the winter cold.

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