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Mixed feelings about bikini fitness

April 25, 2017

I just watched a documentary called Muodonmuutoksia (Director: Kati Juurus) about four Finnish women who compete in bikini fitness, which has become a favoured trend among young women. All I could think while I watched it was “starvation and abuse.”And at the time of writing this I can say I have had very little time to reflect on this, I was left feeling confused and even angry.

There was very little that was real about these women: hair colouring, heavy make-up, fake nails, breast implants, painted-on tans, unrealistic expectations and having their bikinis glued to their rear ends so they stay in place during competitions. Their “coaches” meted out punishing nutritional routines, right down to the grams of food they consumed.

What is real about living up to the standards of people who think that this is the cornerstone of beauty?

All they become when they stand on the stage to try and outdo their fellow competitors, is objects. No one in the audience, nor the judges appreciate the efforts they made to get there in the first place – it only boils down to how they look.

I understand the fitness part of it, these women were all in very good shape and trained hard. Fitness should be for life, for piece of mind, not “beauty.”

These are not role models for my daughter, so please, stay far away from her.

And I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but sport and fitness is for life and health, not these over-the-top, unrealistic standards that millions of women can never hope to live up to.

If you are in Finland (and understand Finnish), you can watch it here for the next 80 or so days:

Dokumenttiprojekti: Muodonmuutoksia

“Bikinifitness on nuorten naisten suosikkiharrastus. Se vaatii ankaraa itsekuria, tiukkaa dieettiä ja rankkaa treenaamista. Mikä saa nuoret naiset kilpailemaan keskenään ruumiin täydellisyydestä? O: Kati Juurus”

Muodonmuutoksia – via YLE, directed by Kati Juurus

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