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Helsinki doesn’t need Guggenheim

December 1, 2016

Yesterday Helsinki City council voted against the construction of a Guggenheim museum in the city by a vote of 53–32.

This was the right decision and I honestly hope that this is the end of it.

I have loosely followed the issue since it became headline news a few years back. I have always been against the idea of building a Guggenheim museum in Helsinki, for several reasons.

Helsinki already has really fabulous museums that deserve our support: Atenium, the National Museum, Kiasma (not so fabulous, but anyways… modern art is not really my thing), the Finnish Nature Museum (Luomus) and many others. I think the museums we already have in the capital should be a priority. We should be supporting the Finnish art, culture and historical scene. We do not need imported culture in Helsinki. That is what travelling exhibitions are for.

Money: Let’s face it, and excuse my language, the Finnish economy is shit right now and why on earth would Helsinki city officials allow the expenditure of taxpayer money for something as exclusive as Guggenheim? We are facing budget cuts of BILLIONS of euros from the education budget, so how can we possibly pour desperately needed taxpayer money into a foreign venture? As much as the proponents of Guggenheim Helsinki tried to say it would be funded by private money — I say bollocks. The taxpayer would have been paying for it in the end.

Guggenheim is exclusive. With the outrageous costs surrounding the architectural competitions, initial studies, building of the museum and future licencing fees (which no doubt would have come from the pockets of the taxpayer, in spite of what Guggenheim supporters said), who would be able to afford to go to such a place? On the surface Guggenheim is a brand and business, which means money, competition and profit, not community and collaboration.

In fact, I agree with everything that Pedro Aibéo wrote in this article.

I really hope that this will be done and buried now. The farce has gone on long enough.

I apologize for the profanity, but this sums up the feelings of many people who are opposed to Guggenheim establishing a museum in HKI.

I apologize for the profanity, but this sums up the feelings of many people who are opposed to Guggenheim establishing a museum in Helsinki.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    December 4, 2016 5:05 pm

    The only party caucuses fully against it were the Left Alliance, Christian Democrats, Rene Hursti (not with any party, I think) and Yrjö Hakanen of the Communist Party. Some election information for the elections next year, so that they won’t get away with it if they try again.

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