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HOCKEY: Women’s Four Nations Cup being played in Finland

October 21, 2016

Calling all women’s hockey fans (and I came across this by accident because it’s not really being advertised anywhere!) The Women’s Four Nations Cup is being played in FINLAND this year from November 1-5 at three different venues in Kerava, Järvenpää and Vierumäki.

This tournament highlights some of the best women hockey players on the planet!

The schedule is as follows:
Tues. 1.11 klo 18.30 Sweden – USA (Vierumäki)
Tues. 1.11 klo 18.30 Finland – Canada (Järvenpää)

Wed. 2.11 klo 18.30 Canada – Sweden (Vierumäki)
Wed. 2.11 klo 18.30 Finland – USA (Kerava)

Fri. 4.11 klo 15.00 Finland – Sweden (Vierumäki)
Fri. 4.11 klo 18.30 USA – Canada (Vierumäki)

Sat. 5.11 klo 14.00 Bronze medal game (Järvenpää)
Sat. 5.11 klo 17.30 Gold medal game (Järvenpää)

Admission is FREE for games at Vierumäki. Games on November 1 and 2 are EUR 5 for adults and free for kids under 13 years of age. Admission to the finals (both games) is EUR 10 for adults and free for kids under 13 years of age. Tickets are also on sale at the door.

See more in Finnish here.


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