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Ticks, I really hate them

September 20, 2016

Last week I got bitten by a tick. I have no idea where it came from, probably my dog. I was bit freaked out because it had been there for some time and my friend was unsuccessful at getting all of it off of me.

I had to visit the doctor the next day and he finished the job, and promptly prescribed some pretty strong antibiotics. “It’s easier to treat this now as a preventative measure than trying treat a confirmed case of Lyme disease later on,” he said. He also mentioned that tick research in Finland indicated that every fifth tick is infected with Lyme disease… A 20 percent chance too big for me…

I found another tick attached to my foot just a couple of days later, and again, who knows where that came from!

My message is this: there are craploads of ticks all over the place in southern Finland. They’ve become a regular occurrence where I live in Espoo.

If you find one attached to you, take it off, wrap it up in some tape and chuck it. Clean the site and follow-up. It has been said that people may or may not get a bulls-eye looking rash around a bite site, but not necessarily. If you experience flu symptoms and joint pain for no apparent reason and you have spent time in the bush recently, you may have been unknowingly bitten by an infected tick. Follow up with your doctor and be assertive if your concerns are dismissed.

A news piece from YLE in July this year reported that researchers in Finland have found an increase in the number of ticks in the country and the kinds of pathogens they are carrying.


This photo is from last year, shortly after I removed a tick from my dog.

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