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May Day! May Day! Vappu is coming!

April 29, 2016

The official kick-off to spring will be celebrated in Finland this weekend – Vappu, or Labour Day. The Mr. went shopping yesterday and said the store was a zoo, so I can image it will be the same today as people go and pick up all sorts of goodies for the weekend.

And since Vappu falls on a weekend this year, it means people will probably start celebrating today as soon as the workday is over. I just overheard someone here at work telling a visitor that Vappu is a pretty student-centred event. Asked whether the visitor would venture into the (Helsinki) city centre, he responded, “No maybe not.” Maybe not, indeed. If you do not like large crowds – then do not go into Helsinki on the weekend! I can assure you that there will be plenty of people out and about celebrating. You’ll also likely find a lot of people out and about taking part in outdoors activities over the weekend too. Now is the time to get outside!

The weather forecast is looking good with drier weather moving in on the weekend, although the chnace of showers still exists in many areas. Temperatures in many areas will be in the double digits.

So, enjoy the weather, enjoy the weekend, eat good food, have fun and most of all – don’t drink and drive and arrive alive!


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