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Espoo is like a big hole in the ground

March 18, 2016

These days you can hardly move around the city without running into a major construction project.

The Mr. and I were rattling off locations in Espoo where there are major construction and infrastructure projects underway (or soon to be underway):

  • the west metro (Länsimetro, due to open in August 2016 and change the face of public transit in Espoo)
  • Otaniemi (Aalto University campus construction and renovations)
  • Keilaniemi (major reorganization of the roads and construction huge apartment buildings)
  • Tapiola (it’s been a huge hole in the ground for the last two years, and due to be like that for the next two years!)
  • Suomenoja (road construction, still being fixed and worked on, residential housing for 20 000 people due to start)
  • Leppävaara (due to undergo a major residential construction face lift soon)
  • Vermo (road construction in and around the area)
  • Lippulaiva (shopping centre due to be closed and renovated – I am actually unsure of the status of this, I have not been down there lately)
  • Saunalahti and Kurttila (major residential construction)
  • Suurpelto (residential contruction)
  • Espoon Keskus (major residential construction)
  • Matinkylä (provisional approval to demolish the moldy arena and build a new 4-pad complex)
  • Numerous schools are being renovated and built because of mold problems (an unacceptable situation – if they were built properly in the first place, mold would not be an issue!)
  • District heating and water distribution infrastructure being installed as well

There are others I have missed, but for now, Espoo is like a giant hole in the ground. It’s a real headache in fact, and makes bike riding and being a pedestrian a real pain – gravel, detours… Not fun. It’ll probably be nice when it’s done, but as with construction in Espoo, it’s a never ending thing these days.



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