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Life In Finland takes part in “Suitcase Story”

November 27, 2015

Earlier this year I got a message from Anna Vershinina in Russia asking if I would be interested in taking part in the social project Suitcase Story. Her idea is to send a suitcase around the world to willing people who would take photos, conduct interviews and contribute to the contents. The main idea of this project is uniting people from all over the world, telling about each region, sharing traditions, show the world and to attract attention of people to social problems. At the conclusion of this “experiment” we are planning to sell the suitcase at auction, and give the gained money either to charity or to a social project, to be decided up by the participants.

I said yes! So via Anna, I got the suitcase from Stacy up in Ylöjärvi (near Tampere). A postal strike in Finland has really messed things up lately and it took a long time for the notice to arrive in the mail.  I only had the suitcase for a few days. Unfortunately I didn’t get to nearly all the places I was hoping to get to in Espoo, but I did take it around to some popular places that are not far from where I live. I handed the suitcase over to someone else (Elena) in Helsinki just a few days ago. I am now waiting to see what she will do with it!

I was instructed to

  • travel with suitcase in your city (so I went to a few places around Espoo including Glims Farmstead Museum, the Bemböle Coffeehouse from 1737, Oittaa and the Angry Birds Park, Nuuksio, Haltia and the main cathedral in Espoo)
  • -take some pictures with suitcase (there are a couple attached here)
  • -make a video with wonderful places (I did take video and they have been uploaded to the Facebook group Suitcase Story)
  • -put some souvenirs in suitcase (With the Little Miss’ help we out in a Finnish-Swedish book for babies, some postcards, a map of Espoo, a tourist guide for Espoo, a figurine of Uncle Scrooge, A Moomin figurine, a reflector, an Espoo Blues hockey ticket, some things from Kuopio (where the Mr. is from) and some pins and stickers from Canada)
  • -keep the suitcase for just a few days (indeed – only a few!)
  • -send suitcase to another friend / person in another city or other country (I handed it off to Elena, who is actually from Russia, in Helsinki last Sunday)
  • -make it fun (Once I got it, I really did think it would be fun! So I did my best!)

If you’re interested in how the project is going and want to know more about (and you’re on Facebook), find it here.

The entire picture gallery of my own pictures of the suitcase are here.

I thought taking part would be fun and Anna’s directions indicated I was pretty much free to do what I wanted with it. I hope it gets far and filled with fun stuff!

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