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To allow or not to allow…

May 20, 2015

Disclaimer: Anyone who is surfing in for the first time and leaves comments on my posts or responds to comments made by others will be subject to moderation.

Yesterday I discovered five comments waiting in the queue for moderation. They were in response to comments other folks had made here earlier on the posts regarding Finland’s recent parliamentary elections (here and here). While the comments were not directed at me personally or what I had written, they were aimed at other readers who had commented on my posts.

The comments are angry, hateful and racist; and could be considered offensive to many, the tamest of them being: “You can shove your cultural sensitivity up your ass.

In the spirit of allowing for “debate,” I asked my friends whether I should allow them or not, everyone said no.

For the record, I have only ever prevented two comments from seeing the light of day in the ten years I have been writing this blog. One person left a comment that I considered inappropriate and racist and another identified precisely where I live.

To the person using the handle “Juuso” who commented yesterday, thank you for taking the time to surf in here and read. In the interest of preserving my personal safety and that of my family, I have decided to allow these comments to stay in the queue unpublished rather than deleting them.

Life in Finland is meant to be a journey of discovery, fun and reflection for myself and everyone who reads this blog, and I would like to keep it like that.

-Carmen P.

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