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The recovered couch

February 20, 2015

Long ago the Mr. and I purchased our first home together and we went hunting for the perfect couch for our new living room. The perfect couch was well-made and as I mentioned back in December 2014, I was vehemently against getting rid of it.

So after a little bit of searching around and getting the Mr.’s approval (it took some convincing to get him on-board) we brought our much-loved couch to Verhoilu Vilja, owned and operated by Inka Vilja in Vantaa. I sent her an e-mail with a few photos of our couch and requested an estimate.

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We actually had a chance to go and see what kind of fabrics she had prior to bringing the couch to her. When we were checking out the fabrics, Inka pointed out ones from Annala, a Finnish producer.


Well, that was it – all other choices were off the table. She even let us bring home a few samples so we could see the fabrics in different lighting conditions and banter about our thoughts. That was a really good move because it took us a few days to really figure out what we wanted. Our colour choices flip-flopped between beige, red, orange (!) and the final colour we chose, blue.

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In these challenging economic times I have decided it is pretty important to do all I can to support Finnish products from Finnish companies that support our local workforces.

It took Inka about five days or so to do all of the work and that included adding some extra padding and recovering the couch. We were pretty happy with the end product. Materials and labour cost about EUR 1200 altogether, but getting a good couch brand new would cost about that much or more.

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The recovering doesn’t end there. The. Mr. has some chairs that belonged to his grandparents (and later to his parents) which were last recovered in the 1970s. They are solid and in good shape, I look forward to the transformation that they will undergo at some point.

In any case, this was a good choice and I am really glad we went through with this. A big thank you Inka for her work, and for being a good sport by allowing herself to be photographed with the finished product.


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  1. April 8, 2015 9:08 pm

    I love that you had your couch recovered. And that you chose a local company.
    When we went to Vienna, I fell in love with a Josef Hofmann design called Rosengarten by a traditional Austrian fabric company and bought two cushion covers, which I still admire (great condition, too). Years later, I have decided to have two tired old armchairs recovered in the same fabric (as it is upholstery grade) – Austrian is almost as local as Swiss LOL!! Now I just have to decide whether I want the same colourway or a complementary colourway… 😮

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