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Things I didn’t know last week

November 17, 2014

This is what I love about Finland, there is something to learn every day! So what have I learned recently?

A couple weeks ago my cousin asked me about a disease that has occurred in our family in Canada and wondered if it was more common in Finland. A quick search turned up an organization called The Finnish Network for Rare Diseases (Harvinaiset-verkosto), which was formed in 1995 to help support to help patients and their families living with a rare disease. The organization brings together NGOs, health care professionals, service providers and the member organizations.

Foreigners in Finland have some serious issues with something as simple as opening a bank account. In this day and age it is nearly impossible to live without a bank card, let alone being without a bank account. My previous entry touched on that and other bureaucracy foreigners run into. I have been here so long that these are things that I don’t really have to deal with anymore. I feel sorry for the folks who do.

The Finnish Book Foundation represents the interests of book publishers in Finland working on common interests such as “publishing, the distribution of literature, reading and freedom to publish in Finland.” There are over 100 members in the Finnish Book Foundation and 14 of Finland’s oldest book publishers were established back in the 1800s! Who knew!?

There are nearly 43,000 people over the age of 90 in Finland! That number is expected to increase dramatically by 2040, when there are expected to be 150,000 people over the age of 90. If we are already experiencing challenges with elder care now, what will it be like to be old in the future? While on the subject of our elders, some 2500 of them still have a valid driver’s licence, although the majority of them do not drive anymore. Two-thirds of this cohort still live in their own homes and 70 percent of the them live alone according to Statistics Finland. Only one-fifth of the over 90s are men. (Helsingin Sanomat featured an article about the over 90s in the November 16, 2014 edition.)

I’ve decided to make this a new category of entries when I report to you, so look for more of this soon!

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  1. November 26, 2014 6:26 am

    Those figures on elderly people in Finland are so thought-provoking, especially 70% of them live alone 😦

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