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Dog names in Finland

March 25, 2014

I think I have mentioned before that Finns are real dog lovers. I ran across a snippet of info in the Yhteishyvä magazine put out by the retail S-Group. Below is a list of the top 10 names for dogs compiled by the Finnish Kennel Club… Finns prefer short names for their dogs, and surprisingly a lot of them are names for people as well. Isn’t that a bit weird?

So, here you are – the top ten dog names in Finland in 2013 (number):

1. Bella (3374)
2. Jeri (2912)
3. Rita (2696)
4. Taru (2600)
5. Riku (2470)
6. Pimu (2350)
7. Roope (2179)
8. Siru (2106)
9. Anu (2100)
10. Tessu (2098)

And while on the subject of dogs, magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen published a video on YouTube the other day called Magic for dogs. I found it incredibly funny. 🙂 It’s nearing 7.5 million views already!

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  1. Sonia permalink
    March 27, 2014 11:15 am

    To be honest, I like “human” names for pets, but some of the typical Finnish dog names – in the early days in Finland, I was sure it IS a dog name such as Onni, Osku, Ressu and I cannot get used to it when meeting a male person (nowadays especially children) called Onni, etc.

    Since in Germany old-fashioned human names are hardly given to children anymore (totally opposite to the traditional Finnish first names like Aino, Aku etc. which are still in use for kids), it is again funny to follow a trend of naming e.g. a cat “Karl-Heinz” (bet you would not find a kid with this name anymore now?)

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