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Well that didn’t take long!

March 5, 2014

Finland won one gold medal at the recent winter Olympics games in Sochi. It was a really great moment when Iivo Niskanen and Sami Jauhojärvi nailed down the gold in the men’s cross-country team sprint. I watched that race and the TV commentators were yelling their fool heads off, so I couldn’t help getting caught up in the moment. 🙂

Last week I had to go to the post office and noticed that a stamp featuring Niskanen and Jauhojärvi had already been printed and was available for sale.

“Wow, that was fast,” I thought. So, I bought my little piece of history and smiled yet again with pride that those guys won that medal. These Olympics were undoubtedly Jauhojärvi’s last and Niskanen, being only 22 years old – and a junior world champion, has many years ahead of him. This team combination was a winner! Congratulations Sami and Iivo!

A sheet of 10 stamps costs EUR 18 and has a limited run of 250,000. See more on the Posti website.

Sami Jauhojärvi (L) and Iivo Niskanen

Sami Jauhojärvi (L) and Iivo Niskanen

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