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Finland disappoints in London?

August 14, 2012

So apparently the sporting powers that be are disappointed with Team Finland’s results at the Olympic Games in London.

I’d like to offer one simplistic argument for why this is so. Perhaps I’ll expand my thoughts in another entry when I have had more time to reflect on it.

Get rid of celebrity culture and make sports something worth respecting again. This was once a country of athletes who were incredibly talented and disciplined. These days we’re dealing with an overload of shitty “entertainment”, crappy food and a celebrity culture out of control.

Really, who the hell cares about what the celebrity of the day is wearing. Fashion and glamour are overrated. Sport has become about money and that is also a problem.

And seriously – is three medals that disappointing? Officials say that Finns fell short in swimming, wrestling and judo. Can we consider that as good as Finns are in those sports that, perhaps, the rest of the world is better? I’d like to congratulate the Finns that won medals at the Olympics, they did well!

Finland needs to start developing athletes early, getting kids into sport is one way to do this. Parents need to be involved instead of being hands off and absent as was recently reported in the media (with regards to children and their time at school).

Make sport matter. Period.

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