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Helsinki-Porvoo by bike and back by boat

August 13, 2012

Last weekend the Mr. and I (and a group of people from work) rode our bikes from Helsinki to Porvoo on the 170 road. The weather was nice, we were very lucky. The trip is just over 55km and riders can ride in relative safety on bike paths, but at some point you have to ride on the road. It’s relatively flat, so it’s not terribly challenging. (It’s not like the Tour de Helsinki that’s for sure!)

We took the J.L. Runeberg boat back to Helsinki. Incidentally, the J.L. Runeberg is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year. As a passenger you can order food and drinks on board and it’s all reasonably priced. The crew includes an elderly gentleman who plays catchy tunes on the accordion. 🙂

Our journey began in Espoo and took us through Keiläniemi and then into Helsinki and on to the newly opened Baana (an excellent rails to trails project). From Hakaniemi we wound our way out of Helsinki via Itäkeksus and on the road to Porvoo. It took us about about four hours and we had time to relax and eat in Porvoo before boarding the J.L. Runeberg back to Helsinki on a three and half hour boat ride.

The nice weather made it this trip worth it, once again.

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