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Onnenlintu, a work so unique, it’s like a snowflake

March 9, 2012

Double entry today!

I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but for those who like to be in the Christmas spirit year round, this applies to you – especially if you like to find something unique for that hard to buy for person. With me being here and the majority of my family nearly 7000km away, it pays for to Christmas shop year round. If I find something, I buy it. This may be something for you if you’re looking to give something uniquely Finnish to a friend. I’m happy to support Finland’s handicrafters, even if I have to pay a little more.

My mother came to visit before Christmas last year and we made our way to the annual Christmas market in Helsinki. When she came to visit the first time waaay back in 2001 she bought herself one of these.

It is a bird carved and shaped from a single piece of wood. You have to admire the work that goes into this – how on earth do you do it without breaking anything? (Truth be told, that would be me – I am terrible with my hands!) Heikki Niskanen was the artist in question at the Christmas market and he was actually a little reluctant to let me take pictures of his work. He did however consent to me using the picture above, provided I link to his website. Heikki may be way up in Siilinjärvi (just north of Kuopio), but he does deliver if you commission any work from him. One thing to note here is that every single piece he makes is like a snowflake – no two pieces are ever the same.

On that note it’s only 290 days until Christmas! (And in this case I am counting December 25 as Christmas – old habits die hard…) <:)

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  1. April 13, 2012 9:50 pm

    Sattumalta blogisi osui silmääni ja löysin tämän kirjoituksen.
    Kiitokset hyvästä kirjoituksesta ja oikein hyvää joulunodotusta sinulle ja perheellesi!
    Terveisin Lintumies 🙂

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