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Entrepreneurs – do you use their services?

February 8, 2012

Think about all the places you buy things and use services… Are you using an established chain (brand) or are you handing over your money to entrepreneurs who work their butts off to do their jobs?

While we (the Mr. and I) mostly shop for food in the monopolies of the S-group and Kesko, I have to say on my own behalf that I do use the services of many entrepreneurs out there. I have been using the services of a couple of them for so long that I don’t dare go to anyone else for fear of poor service – or not getting what I am used to.

So I’ll rattle them off – and if you’re ever in need of someone like the people and places I have listed – now you know where to go.

Piece of HairPiia Martiskainen owns and operates her own salon in downtown Helsinki. She has been cutting my hair for 11 years. When she was younger she represented Finland at a World Skills competition.  She has also entered and been awarded in many hair styling competition. She is great and I wouldn’t trust my head to anyone else. So when she made the move from Espoo to Helsinki a few years ago, I promptly followed her. I don’t go for fancy hair colouring or styling, just the hair cut. Need a good hair cut? Go and see Piia.

Pohjantori KuntohoitoAnssi Hannula is a Fitness and Health Manager at Pohjantori Kuntohoito in Espoo (Pohjois Tapiola). He has been running his business for nearly 18 years and I have been going to see him regularly since 2003. Need a good massage? Go see Anssi! I do for the sake of my sanity. Anssi also offers basic physiotherapy services that are covered by KELA.

Shaitsu Center FinlandFrancis Gamache has been living in Finland for over 10 years. He is also the owner and operator of his own shiatsu therapy clinic. He was trained at the Canadian Shiatsu College in Toronto. What makes his education and service different from others who call themselves shiatsu therapists is the amount of training Francis has had – in upwards of 2000+ hours. Many people in Finland who have qualifications in Shiatsu have only had about 400-500 hours of training. Francis is the real deal and operates his clinic out of Tapiola. Visit the Shiatsu Center Finland’s website and find out why and how shiatsu massage is different from regular massage. I have been suffering from nagging elbow injury for almost a year and shiatsu is thus far the only thing that has really helped me.

Espoon Lahjatupa – Looking for the ideal “Made in Finland” gift for a friend or family member? I make a regular stop in the little yellow house beside the railway station in Espoon Keskus a couple times a year.  Lahjatupa showcases some of the best handicrafts by people from all over Finland. And you can go wrong when you find that “just right” item to give to someone. You’re also contributing to the livelihood of a Finnish artist and that is a good thing.

One thing that sticks out in my mind (as a budding entrepreneur myself) is how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur in Finland. The paperwork is a nightmare and is almost enough to discourage anyone from taking the plunge. There is scads of information out there on entrepreneurship in Finland, but finding it in English is tough and it never covers the same range as in Finnish or Swedish. In the end, a non-Finnish (or Swedish) speaker will not be getting the full picture when starting their own business (and that is purely my opinion).

Being an entrepreneur in Finland is hard work and you have to work like a donkey if you’re going to make a living at it. Just remember, in the places that I cited above – every time you cancel an appointment with an entrepreneur who offers you a service it is money that is lost to them and they may have to scramble to find someone to fill the gap.

Support entrepreneurs!

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  1. Haisuli permalink
    August 5, 2012 1:18 pm

    Thank you for supporting our entrepreneurs! There are several entrepreneurs whose services I use: hairdresser, taxis, hotels when travelling, restaurants, interior design, among others.

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