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When it’s summer in Finland…

July 28, 2011

…People like myself tend to be out of touch for long stretches at a time.

Now that my summer holiday is winding down, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite summer pictures that I have taken myself in the 12+ years I have lived in Finland.

Summer forest on Kaunisaari

Summer forest is from 2001… Also from 2001, below…

Summer beach

The Gulf of Finland has changed a lot in years past – toxic blue-green algae makes it really difficult to enjoy summers these days, as it is blooms with the hot weather in shallow waters.

This is from Gullkrona in the southwest archipelago in Finland

We’re fortunate to have friends with a sailboat, so we’re lucky to get out with them at least once a year.

Mat washing

One rite of summer in Finland is to do a massive house cleaning and wash one’s mats. It is a ritual that is also practiced in my own home.

Strawberry picking!

We also have gone to a “pick your own” strawberry farm and loved it. The rewards of doing it yourself are great – and so are the smiles that go with them!

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