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Ronald McDonald kidnapping saga: revealed

February 15, 2011

And in yet another follow-up on the kidnapping and subsequent recovery of the Ronald McDonald statue in Ruoholahti last week, Helsingin Sanomat International reported that the man at the centre of the FLA kidnapping of the McDonalds mascot is artist Jani Leinonen. Leinonen described the act as art whose purpose “was to draw attention to the ethical problems with the production of cheap food.” Read more here from Helsingin Sanomat International.

Yet in another, more revealing article by Lorena G., a journalist working for France-based The Observers (, managed to speak with Leinonen. Leinonen is an artist, but told Ms. G. that he and other members of the FLA that participated in the kidnapping on January 31 are concerned citizens. He believes that police over reacted when they arrested and detained him and another unnamed man. Although he hasn’t yet been charged with anything, the police still possess his computer and a number of pieces of his art. Read Ms. G.’s piece here.

Thank you Lorena G. for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to voice my rather uneducated opinion on the issue. I should add my “p.s.” on the issue. I suspect the reason why the police took this so seriously is because it is not often that Finns will act in this manner against the unethical operations of large corporations. Many Finns are silent activists who applaud the efforts of those who dare to speak out as the FLA did. Finns are not known to protest loudly – about anything… So when someone pulls a stunt like this, the police tend to take it seriously as it goes against the norm of how Finns act in society.

How can I word it simply – Finns for the most part – are not shit disturbers or hooligans when it comes to large corporations and government establishments. They’re pretty great people and I am proud to call myself one.

Still – hats off to the FLA for making a bold statement.

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  1. February 17, 2011 8:55 pm

    Thanks for the update! What a great story!

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