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Sounds like an air raid siren…

January 24, 2011

Have you ever heard it? The general emergency siren that sounds like an air raid siren. I come from Canada, where there has never been a need for this kind of general warning system. Perhaps there are cities in Ontario that have this kind of general alarm/alert system, but I have never ever heard it before back home. I do not come from a country where war is part of its history. Let me rephrase that – Canadians have never taken part in warfare on their own soil.

I think of Iraq – and the Gulf War when I hear the eerie sound of that siren sounding out on every first Monday of the month at noon.

The sound is loud enough that it permiates the walls of an office building and one can hear it, provided they are not engaged in loud discussion or something like that.

It’s downright creepy…

Thanks to a friend at work for finding out more about it for me. This link is in Finnish:

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