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Did I mention that Finland has had a record-breaking year for weather?

December 9, 2010

Folks, in Finland we have had it come from all from all angles in 2010 – snow, heat, rainfall, more snow, cold… And I have repeatedly claimed in years past that the weather here is boring. Definitely not this year!

I have been keeping track of the weather out my window for about eight years now. I am now on my ninth book. Every year I go to the bookstore and buy the standard DIY weather book where I can record the morning and evening temperatures, what it’s doing outside and write notes about anything special such storms, wildlife, etc. I cut pictures and articles from the newspaper if they’re weather-related. I just completed my 2009-2010 weather book in late October and it was so stuffed with news clippings that I needed to bind it shut with a rubber band so the stuff doesn’t fall out.

The Mr. bought me a weather station last year and it has added to the bits and pieces of information that I record.

I am not sure why I got started on this weather thing, but one thing is for sure – Finns talk about the weather a lot. Often if you’re speaking with a Finn they’ll tell you how often Finns are never satisfied with the weather – it’s too cold, too hot, there’s too much snow, it’s raining… etc.  It’s fun to compare years past to what is happening now. For instance my father-in-law asked me last weekend when there had been this much snow on the ground at this time of the year. So I whipped out the 2002-2003 weather book and told him the date, because I distinctly remember leaving the office early so I could go skiing. 🙂 And added that the Mr. was so miffed at being left behind at home that he went out the next day and bought himself a pair of skis. 😀

Truth be told, what one person may loathe weather-wise will definitely be a boon for another. Take for instance the whalloping of snow we got on Monday in the capital area. According to reports there is some 50cm+ on the ground already. The last time that happened was in 1915. ( I’m loving it! Other people I know are ready to abandon Finland for warmer climes.

There have been chaotic scenes as far as traffic and snow removal goes in the Helsinki area; needless to say I am thankful for public transit (busses, not trains) and don’t have to deal with parking headaches. If the snow is here to stay, people will say we’re in for a long winter. And a white Christmas? Well, that is a must in my books!

Hey, I can take it – hand me my skis! 🙂

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  1. December 13, 2010 7:41 pm

    Maybe it is something to do with being British (or more particularly English), but I’ve found it quite comforting that Finns like talking about the weather. Or maybe it is just the level of my Finnish. Although I haven’t gone as far as my own weather diary, my other half does think I take entirely too much interest in indoor/outdoor min/max thermometer (why do we never have these in UK?) and there was some eye-rolling when I pointed out that the Ilmatieteen Laitos ( website has been updated to record more information…

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