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‘Tis the season…

November 26, 2010

With all the snow we have had recently, one could definitely be put in the Christmas party mood.

The annual pikkujoulu (Little Christmas) season is upon us and so are the shenanigans that go along with the season – mostly drinking in excess and paying dearly for it the next day… This blogger likes to have a few drinks now and then, but with a little one running around who no longer naps during the day, it is now 14 hours of the “kiddo” show… I can’t keep up.

That being said, a campaign sprung up a few years ago to try and highlight just how foolish people look when they have overindulged on the drinks. How can I translate this…? “When you’re drunk you look like an ass”? (Correct me if I am wrong!) Sponsored by Panimoliitto and its members in cooperation with some media companies, it is an admirable effort to try and combat binge drinking. A good idea in my opinion… It’s really kinda gross to see the effects of drinking too much on the streets around where I live. I am glad I don’t live in downtown Helsinki for example, it can be downright nasty let me tell ya – vomit dodging is not a fun sport. EWW!

In any case, part of the campaign involves bus shelter ads such as this one, where a guy has wet himself with the choice question- cool or embarassing?

Another ad features a young woman, make-up smeared, vomitting into her handbag – cool or embarassing? Shocking if you’ve never seen it before…

A story featured on the English language news service of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation in September indicated that more Finns are taking a harder line against alcohol consumption.  It is no longer acceptable to become legless while drinking. I wish this attitude would extend to drinking and driving offenders, but we’re not quite there yet. As I have said to some of my friends, I am waiting for the day that a drunk driver takes the lives of many people in a single accident, and maybe, just maybe then will Finns accept how UNacceptable it is to drink and drive.

Drink responsibly, arrive alive and don’t drink and drive!

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