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What is wrong with this picture?

October 28, 2010

The streets and sidewalks of Espoo (and undoubtedly many other cities across this fine country) are a mish-mash and hodge-podge of patchy asphalt. What is utterly maddening about this is the fact that road crews will lay a nice NEW layer of asphalt to finish off a nice newly built bike path or street and some other crew comes along to dig it up again in a matter of days in order to carry out different work.

Then they pave it over and leave “nice” seams in sidewalks that turn into nasty cracks or bumps.

I am not too sure why this happens (and what feels like) all the time. It appears that there is little coordination or communication between different construction and maintenance crews.

The City of Espoo has come round where I live to repair some of the sidewalks and bike paths. They dug it up almost two weeks ago and it still hasn’t been resurfaced. I think the recent cold spell has played a part in this, but crikey guys – look at the weather forecast before you dig everything up!

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