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Summer arrives…

June 28, 2010
It’s that time of the year – summer has arrived in Finland…
Last weekend was Juhannus aka Midsummer and in the rush to get out the door for a weekend of sailing with friends, I forgot to give my annual be safe and arrive alive speech… Here’s a bit of Midsummer history for you: (News from YLE – tiny style.) Unfortunately the death toll from the holiday weekend was very high – 21 people lost their lives in accidents and incidents of violence. So again – be safe and arrive alive!
In any case, now with the holiday season upon us – Finland will shut down for the next 5-6 weeks, so here’s hoping we’ll have some great weather.
We’ll be spending the summer in Finland this year, so it was a good opportunity for me to invest some time and a little money in a container gardening experiment in the back yard. So far so good – we actually consumed the "test" lettuce last weekend. Smile We planted something we had bought from the store (after eating it, I planted the remains) and it worked.

But we’ve also got peas, (test) bell peppers, tomatoes and some herbs. It’ll be nice to see the results at the end of the season. Red rose

First we’ve got a nest of yellow jackets to deal with, any suggestions for dealing with them humanely?

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