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The park vandalism (among others) continues…

June 22, 2010
I am so annoyed… How does a parent express their anger at the foolish and pointless vandalism of a park?
I posted a picture a couple weeks ago of the aftermath of a deliberate fire that was set in the park near our house. I have heard rumours that it was a couple of young boys that set the playground equipment on fire. It has not been fixed yet.
I also posted a picture of the swings that had been destroyed – apparently by some stupid DUMBASS dog owner who has decided it’s okay to let his/her dog loose on them. The swings have been replaced – but they have been damaged again – ALREADY!
Someone also set light to one of the benches in the last few days…
Last year someone set fire to the garbage can…
And also destroyed this…
Two years ago this park was in perfect condition and a real fun place to hang out in. Now it has become the regular target of vandals and litterbugs.
I have contacted the City of Espoo twice now via their feedback service and I have heard nothing. I suspect I won’t… Their response to feedback SUCKS!
I am pretty pissed off – there is no other way to put it. Angry smile
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