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Vandalism SUCKS!

June 8, 2010
This is an ugly fact of life in Finland…
Yesterday I went to pick up my little one from daycare and as I walked past the park very near to our house I saw the "No Entrance" tape wrapped around the playground equipment.
Imagine my disgust when I saw this:
My daughter cried… How do you explain to a three year-old that there are STUPID, idiotic vandals out there who ruin things – for FUN?
In fact I was so frggin’ angry I could have screamed.
This park is a favourite of not only my little one, but of dozens of other neighbourhood kids who can no longer play here until it has been repaired. Parks employees recently had to replace the baby swings in this same park because unknown people were stupid enough to destroy them to make them unsafe and unusable.

Whether anyone has been found responsible for this, I can’t say. If and when I do find out, I’ll be sure to follow it up here.
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