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Definitely news of the weird!

May 25, 2010
Last weekend I was out in my back yard observing a thunderstorm moving north east of my house. The clouds were so cool I had to take a picture… And I ended up with this gem (below) – I have uploaded it in original size, so it might be quite large.
The Mr. and I were scrolling through the pictures on Sunday after I downloaded them off the camera and we both said, "Whoa!" when we saw this one. So what’s that black spot in there?
Granted that last Saturday afternoon there were plenty of airplanes flying by the house and there are a lot of birds out there, this picture was just kinda weird. So weird in fact that I reported this to the Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA (Suomen Ufotutkijat ry SUT) This group appears to be composed of some pretty level-headed investigators who say, "Our association has no advance attitude on the origin of UFOs. We don´t claim that all the UFO phenomena are unexplained, but we don’t either dispute apriori a possibility that there are the phenomena still unexplained by the modern science. In our opinion in UFO investigation we need both criticism and open-mindedness – that means common sense."
Now while I believe there are many unexplained phenomena out there – extra-terrestrials – well I can’t be sure about that… In any case when I hear back about my UFO, I’ll let you know. Nerd
Update May 26: I heard back from Björn Borg of FUFORA, who initially accepted my report and let me know that it had been entered into their database. By request, I also e-mailed my "UFO" to their photo analyst who obviously had the right software and was able to conclude it was nothing other than a: bird. I thought so, but hey, it’s always good to check eh?
Incidentally, Mr. Borg was consulted on a phenomena that appeared over the east coast of Canada last winter and it made the national news of CTV:
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