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One of those long-forgotten curiosities

April 16, 2010
In Finland you can buy eggs in packages of 10. Yes, that’s right 10 – not 12 – not a dozen, but 10. I just realized this is different – or it is one of those long-forgotten differences between here and my Canadian home.
One can also purchase eggs in a 6-pack and I think in 15-packs and even 4-packs… I’ll be more observant when I go to the store the next time.
So if you can only buy eggs 10 at a time, does that mean the standard dozen doesn’t apply here?
What kind of packaging do eggs come in where you’re from? Comment here and let me know.
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  1. Robin permalink
    April 25, 2010 6:25 pm

    a Dozen 🙂 But you already mentioned that 🙂 I like the 4 pack and 15 pack deal . . . very interesting! We’re having a typical left hand having absolutely no clue what the right hand is doing issue here in TO . . . most of the organic, free range eggs are now way over packaged in plastic . . . They consist of the bottom tray and 2 top trays . . . and we can’t recycle them here in Toronto . . . UGH! The regular cheap scary egg farm eggs are still available in paper . . . biodegradable, good for crafts, good for the worm bin, all around simpler packaging. I’ll often just pick free run because they often come in paper too. I do wish people would think things through better!Hope you’re enjoying your trip! 🙂

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