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March 10, 2010
I am from Canada and you will probably have a good laugh because I am writing about the exceptional amount of snow we have gotten here in southern Finland this winter.
In true Finnish fashion, people listened when Housing Minister Jan Vapaavuori recently said that people should get out and shovel off the roofs of their houses. People have died as a result. So this blogger will echo the warnings of other authorities, get professional help to take the snow off the roof of your house if you do not possess the proper equipment and skills to do so!
The professionals came to our house last weekend and took off the 60cm+ layer from the roof. As a result, it took a few hours to shovel this mountain of snow. Now we can see out the windows again…
We’ll have snow until June I am sure…


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  1. Robin permalink
    April 25, 2010 6:38 pm

    Wow! I still can’t believe how little snow we had this winter! I mean we had NOTHING! Dave and Karen and my Mom had more up in Brampton then we did down here on the lake! Kinda reminds me of the visit to Sudbury when you were at Laurentian 🙂 I really had no excuse for not biking to work this winter! I’ll be ready next winter though! Come heck or high snow 🙂 I still live and work close enough to MEC to make sure I’m fully kitted out! They sell bikes now and have a whole bike repair shop. They’re also opening up a new one in Barrie . . . Next time you guys are in town . . . you’ll have to stop by on your way up!

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