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Say goodbye to Sunday peace…

November 19, 2009
The last bastion of freedom from endless consumerism in Finland has fallen. YLE News reported yesterday that members of Parliament were set to vote to approve Sunday shopping year round.
Up until yesterday Sunday shopping was only in effect in the summer months and in the weeks leading up to Christmas, which in my opinion was a model that worked well. In addition smaller shops (under 400 square metres) were able to open on Sundays, which is also convenient. Year round Sunday shopping will just add to the consumer gluttony that exists in many western countries.
Personally I’d rather spend my Sundays doing other things – skiing, hiking, playing with my kid – not elbowing my way through the aisles to get the last loaf of bread or carton of milk…
But <sigh> the news is out – in a vote put to parliament MPs voted 107 to 53 in favour of year round Sunday shopping:
So much for peace and quiet on Sundays… Eye-rolling
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