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Information sharing is not equal

November 16, 2009
I am constantly amazed when I look for information on websites in English in Finland. Quite often things that will make the lives of immigrants much easier are not translated from Finnish to other languages. A prime example is Enterprise Finland. Take a look at their Finnish pages under Business development and you will find a link "Rahoitus"(, which links to sources of funding for new entrepreneurs. Look for the same kind of information on business development funding for entrepreneurs in English and it is non-existent. (However, if I am missing something – please tell me!)
Why is this critical information not shared? For those of us that struggle with the Finnish language on daily basis this is a real frustration. After 11 years here, I still will not negotiate anything that involves a lot of money or legal matters without the Mr. or some other Finnish speaker by my side. More than once I have been shafted because someone in authority has withheld critical information that would have saved me money and time or caused fewer headaches.
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  1. emmdee permalink
    November 17, 2009 2:46 pm

    Sounds familiar – sometimes feels like no one wants to tell you anything unless you specifically ask. On the other hand I guess we should be grateful they put anything in English at all: I went to an ‘info session’ at YritysHelsinki last week (which was in English) and they were pretty upfront in saying ‘if you want to be an entrepreneur in Finland you need to speak Finnish’. Also their advice on getting ‘starttirahat’ was somewhat different from TE-toimisto… which itself gave me slightly different advice from that on it’s own web site, and now my business plan meeting has been delayed 2 weeks so that application has to wait even longer now. [Sigh].Anyway at least I managed to make a comment on your blog at last!emmdee (hölynpöly)

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