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Rebuttal to the “soon-to-be-failure-because-lack-of-quality-stores shopping mall” in Espoo

August 19, 2009
Last fall, Phil of Finland for Thought ( briefly reported on his visit to the newly opened Entresse Shopping Centre in Espoo.
I beg to differ on his assessment that Entresse is a "soon-to-be-failure-because-lack-of-quality-stores shopping mall". Good heavens Phil, you showed up at the most depressing time of the year! I’ll put your negative assessment down to the wet and dark weather. Come on out on a weekend Phil and see how many people are hanging around and going about their business.
Entresse has in fact brought some life to Espoon Keskus, which was in bad need of this kind of boost to draw people to the area. Entresse, in my opinion will not be a failure.
  • First of all, the new library has to be the biggest boon to this area. In the past I had to get books from Tapiola or Matinklyä (Iso Omena), now I can walk to the library. When my little one gets a little older, I am sure we will be frequenting the library more often.
  • I am a regular Lindex shopper – now I can get clothes for myself or my kid close to home.
  • The Mr. remarked on how many restaurants, cafes and fast food joints are there – it is finally nice to have some variety and places to go to closer to home.
  • I can buy books at Info kirjakauppa – no more hiking to Iso Omena or Tapiola to lurk for books.
  • My kid loves animals, so any visit to Entresse often includes a stop at Faunotar to check out the variety of small pets and keeps her entertained.
I asked a couple of the cashiers at S-market how business has been since the opening of Entresse. They firmly said business is up and that the store is almost always busy. How is that a bad thing? Does this sound dead-end and hopeless?
I might add that Phil’s life centres in Helsinki, where he works and entertains himself as well. He might live in Espoo, but I bet his "local" shopping centre is not Entresse. It’s mine and as a parent of a small kid without regular access to a car (because the Mr. has it), I am happy to have it. Dead end? I think not. Clock
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