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Mail from random people: Finns are keen Postcrossers!

June 23, 2009
Finns are keen travellers. They are also keen armchair travellers and pen pal writers.
Postcrossing is a postcard sending network that is free to join. The only costs you will incur on your own are buying and sending postcards from your own country to other random postcrossers.
I have joined the fray and been a Postcrosser for three years already. (I have my friend Pia to thank for getting me into it.) Per capita, Finns are the world’s most prolific postcard senders. With 10526 members (and growing) in a country of just over 5.3 million, Finland far outstrips the sending capabilities of the U.S. – the only country to have more Postcrossing members than Finland.
A Finn is on the top of the heap for sending the most postcards, as of this writing, "Linus" (from somewhere near Jyväskyla) has sent more than 1500 postcards; "Kukka1979" is not far behind with more than 1350… All of the top 10 Postcrossers in Finland have sent more than 1000 postcards each. Overall, Finnish Postcrossers have sent more than 520,000 postcards to destinations around the world! That’s not cheap!
However, it’s fun to get random mail – and in this day and age of reduced funds for travel, this is just one small way to see the world – and share it with others.
Happy Postcrossing! E-mail
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