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And then they buried their heads in the sand again

April 23, 2009
I’ve re-discovered how fickle people really can be. They get outraged over something on the news, "shout" on some discussion boards or websites for a few days and then are no where to be seen when others take action and try to recruit them to help make a change.
You would think that when it comes to child abuse and child protection that almost all people would immediately jump on board to try and do something to help.
I am afraid that is not the case.
With recent revelations in the Finnish media* that sentencing of convicted child sex offenders (AKA paedophiles) is like a lottery and that some of these sick people don’t even serve any jail time, I decided I needed to take action. Even the Mr., who usually never comments on any news piece, exhaled angrily when he heard that the latest sentencing of a convicted paedophile in Helsinki was only 20 months. He’s a parent, so am I – so are many people that might read this.
Doesn’t that make you want to do something about it?
I am going to do something about it.
First, I will shamelessly promote a petition I have started demanding the uniform sentencing of convicted child sex offenders in Finland:
Second, if you’re reading this now, I would like to ask you to sign it. (You can even sign anonymously.)
Third, tell your friends!
I am looking for 5000 signatures. You wouldn’t think this would be very hard to achieve, but it appears the petition has a long way to go.
And if you have made it this far and actually signed the petition, you can go and bury your head back in the sand again.
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