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Delayed reaction…

March 12, 2009
I have wanted to react to news items in a more timely manner, unfortunately that has not been the case. Life with a 2 year-old, school and full-time work has pushed aside observations on life in Finland. I have been keeping tabs on some recent news items. I actually commented on these they day they were published (see more below). Now I have time to publish – albeit with a delayed reaction. Confused
You’ve got one new message… (From February 17, 2009)
Getting fired by text message appears to be more popular these days, especially in the IT industry.
Let me clarify this… "Being laid off" is not a phrase that is used in Finland. If you lose your job due to cut backs, you have been "fired." This has a different meaning in North America…
How ridiculous is this…? I always thought Finns were pretty open, although blunt and willing to resolve things face-to-face. Any Finnish employer who doesn’t have the balls to tell an employee to their face they are being fired or laid off should be given assertiveness training! What the hell are they afraid of?

Get on with your life! (February 16, 2009)
This woman is unbelievable…
After getting divorced from his long-time wife a few years ago, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen began dating one Ms. Susan Ruusunen (nee Kuronen). After several months the relationship was over, the tabloids had a field day with it and Ruusunen made a mockery of the it by publishing a book called "The Prime Minister’s Bride". In what was called an invasion of privacy, the Prime Minister filed a complaint against the publisher (and rightly so) because the book divulged intimate details of their relationship, which are not the business of the public at large – Prime Minister or not.
Ruusunen claims she never meant to hurt anyone and she said that she had the right to publish a book about her life. Yet this case is now making a further round through the appeals process, with Ruusunen whining that she cannot possibly pay the fines imposed upon her for violating the PM’s privacy. Gimme a break, it’s only a couple hundred Euros! She has lost all credibility by continuing to appeal this verdict.
In my opinion, the Prime Minister does indeed have a right to privacy as he stated to the courts when he appeared as "a citizen" in front of the judge and not as Prime Minister. The PM contends that in front of the courts all citizens are equal and while I am not a political follower, I have to agree with the PM on this one.
Get on with your life Ms. Ruusunen, the Prime Minister certainly has!
Black Sheep
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