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Finland in a pickle?

December 10, 2008
Good grief!
Read headlines like these (below) and you wonder why the hell the government doesn’t do more to discourage drinking in this country? The government is always so concerned about tax revenue… Well if working age people are dying from preventable causes – you’d think they would step in and do something about it. (Well, I suppose it is not up to the government to take care of these things and it comes down to the individual to change their lifestyle. But again this an issue with a whole lot of talk and no action…)
Statistics Finland: Alcohol kills increasing numbers of working-age Finns: Dementia becomes common cause of death among elderly (
Twenty per cent of young men are problem drinkers: Absenteeism, dependency, and problems in human relationships surprisingly common (
Finns appear to be so drunk these days that I wonder how much our future society will suffer as a result. The current young generation seems to be having a lot of problems coping and hence turn to drugs, alcohol (and other self-destructive behaviours) as a result.
IMHO there should be massive campaigns to curb excessive alcohol consumption as have been done to curb smoking. We all know that prolonged smoking over one’s life time will ultimately result in sickness and death in one form or another that is ultimately attributed to smoking! It is amazing that society at large accepts this kind of behaviour without trying to change it. I wonder if people in the medical profession in Finland are sick and tired of seeing alcohol-related incidents fill up the ERs and hospital beds around the country?
I hate reading things like this because it is a problem that is preventable in so many ways. But then again as with my previous posting on the wider ills of child abuse, the roots are many and it is an immensely difficult problem to tackle.
But when it comes down to it, Finnish society is well on its way to being pickled… Wilted rose
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