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Things that don’t make sense

September 1, 2008

There are things that baffle me about life in Finland, which I must unload on my regular readers:

1. Why the HELL do they re-pave the roads on one of the busiest streets (not highways) in Espoo during rush-hour? Lemminkainen has been resurfacing Kalevantie in Tapiola this past week or so, but causing traffic chaos by snaring rush-hour travellers because they’re paving the streets at 4 p.m. Why don’t they do this at night? Or better yet – why didn’t they do it in the summer time when half of Espoo was on holidays? DUH! I just read last Friday that they had to tear up part of the new paving job already because of a damaged water line… It never ends! Tongue out

2. What is it with some dog owners in Espoo who are vehemently opposed to picking up after their dogs crap all over the place? I think these ignorant and LAZY folk do not realize that little people (such as my little one) walk where they let their dogs crap! I hate the fact that I have to police my kid every time I let her walk outside – she’s restricted in her movements because people won’t pick up crap! And on that note – I was enraged to see that over the weekend someone(s) had vandalized the playground close to where we live. Not only did they try to burn it down, they also smeared dog sh*t everywhere. You regular readers know that I would never let something like this go: I cleaned it up and I informed the City of Espoo. Those idiots who did that – shame on you! Angry

3. The government is planning to raise taxes on alcohol and tobacco next year. There appear to be worries about tax revenue shortfalls in the future. To make up for these shortfalls why doesn’t the government raise taxes on the food items that cause the most problems (read: obesity, diabetes, cavities (dental carries)) in society – pop (choose your word here: limsa, soda, lemonade), candy, chips and all other forms of JUNK FOOD? That would make dentists, doctors and dieticians very happy. I would be willing to pay more for those items than to pay more for the necessities in life like milk, bread, fruits and vegetables… I think it is completely ridiculous to pay more for the foods that we need to maintain and improve our health. Eye-rolling

4. Why do workers in Finland get injured and die more often in occupational accidents? Is it utter and completely carelessness by workers in Finland? Weak occupational health and safety laws? I wonder… In addition there are things that happen in Finland that appear to be higher than the norm than where I come from – fires (read my previous entry Finland is on fire) and people dying in preventable accidents – namely drowning and traffic accidents. Thinking

5. Regarding the environment – thousands of Finns have recycling opportunities right outside their door. Why don’t they reduce, reuse, recycle (as the mantra goes) more often? It drives me crazy (nearly insane actually) to see people throw out recyclables in the garbage when the recycling bins are right there beside the garbage bins! How many tons of recyclables get thrown out every year in this country because people are too lazy to sort their garbage. YARGH!  Why aren’t we using more renewables in this day and age where energy security parallels terrorism as an issue? Without going deeply into the issue, only nature itself can sabotage renewable energy on a large scale… I’d love to see a government scheme where one gets a tax rebate for buying more environmentally friendly big ticket items such as cars, home-sized windmills and solar panels. Thinking

Gee, this reads more like a rant – okay <breathe>, the rant is over. I just had to get it off my chest! Baring teeth

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