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New bridge being built

July 17, 2008
A new bridge is being built near the Espoo Cathedral in Espoon Keskus. It is a welcome facelift to the area, which has seen little development in the last years. It is also time that the former river crossing is replaced as it is pretty much on the verge of collapse. I’ve included some pictures of the progress of the bridge construction.
What is interesting about this particular bridge (other than the fact that it is close to my house) is that this is the first bridge of this style to be built in Finland in over 50 years.
When completed the bridge will be 29 metres long and eight metres wide, with the highest point of the arch being 2.4 metres above the Espoo River. At a cost of 1.5 million Euros and some 300 cubic metres of granite going into it, it will be a welcome addition to the quaint little area around the church. While the bridge is slated for completion in July, the official opening of the bridge named "Kannussilta*" will be in August to coincide with a week-long celebration of Espoo’s 550th birthday. See below for some pictures of the progress…
(with excerpts from Helsingin Sanomat 17.04.2008 and Länsiväylä 16.04.2008)
(*Translation: Kannus means "spur" and silta means "bridge".)
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