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Drunk driver gets a slap on the wrist for killing a cop

June 18, 2008
My blood is boiling… I hate to read stories like this because the guilty party will likely get out of jail in less than two years for good behaviour: A drunk driver struck and killed a police officer last year, was charged with other driving offences and will only be in jail for three and half years. There is no justice in a lenient punishment like this. Angry
Finland is like a haven for drunk drivers… It drives me nuts and I don’t think that the government or police are doing enough to stop it. A serious change is needed in the laws that govern punishments for drunk drivers and repeat offenders.

On that note…
The Midsummer holiday is nearly upon us here in Finland, and in addition to a threatened truckers "drive slow" protest (, police will probably be kept busy with drunk and disorderly behaviour at homes, cottages and in people’s cars. It is best to stay off the road if you don’t need to go anywhere!
It’s likely the Mr., the little one and I will get snagged in this trucker protest as we’re on our way out of town for the Midsummer holiday. I’ll let you know if anything fun materializes out of it…
Have a happy and safe Midsummer, drive carefully and arrive alive! Island with a palm tree
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