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‘Tis the season…

May 7, 2008
My time has been taken up with a course lately, so I apologize on the pause in terms of life in Finland!
Spring has sprung here! Red rose In just the past few days the leaves have come out on the trees and the flowers are blooming all over the place – it’s great! With the spring (and soon summer) comes the barbeque season and a warning that we should all heed with regards to food poisoning!
Last weekend the Mr., myself, our little one and a friend of ours had a BBQ out in the backyard… Good friends, good times, good food – or so we thought. (The little Miss was having her own issues last weekend, so luckily she didn’t get any of what we were eating – thank goodness!) We did poultry and vegetables on the BBQ, which turned out to be the perfect recipe for getting salmonella poisoning. Fortunately our friend escaped unscathed, but the Mr. and I did not. It was a long 24 hours of being sick, let me tell ya!… So the Mr. got a lecture from me on BBQing and we got a lesson overall in being more vigilant about how we cook things in the future.
The National Public Health Institute in Finland ( keeps statistics on waterborne illnesses and food poisonings in the country and an article back in the fall of 2007 stated that these types of illnesses had decreased in 2006,
But overall with the arrival of the warm weather, we all needs reminders on food storage and preparation to prevent what happened to the Mr. and I last weekend. Be informed! (Okay, it’s a Canadian government web page, but it’s the best I could do at short notice!
Island with a palm tree
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