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Check ME, I dare you, I am a foreigner!

March 13, 2008
Just when I thought that Finland was becoming a more tolerant society, the Finnish Police decide to run “spot checks” on anyone, anywhere who is foreign looking (or sounding) to make sure that they “have their papers in order.” What a PILE OF CRAP. This is so racist!
According to the head of the Investigation Unit at the Helsinki Immigration Police, Jaakko Heinilä, “The point of these checks is to maintain order and security in public places, with a view to the well being of all citizens and residents of this country.”
Let me ask this… Have there been any recent high-profile security problems in public places around Finland lately that involve foreigners… I think not! There are hundreds of “foreign-looking” FINNS who were born and raised here and the cops want to ask these CITIZENS if their papers are in order???
More background on the story here and here.
Check the site Finland for Thought by another immigrant blogger, Phil… His entry has had a lot of comments.
I am so pissed off by this racial profiling that I feel like walking around with a sign on… I may be blond, white and Finnish-looking – but I ain’t no citizen!
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