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Oittaa in the off-off season

October 15, 2007
Last month the Mr. was on a business trip, so I deviated from my normal walking routine, threw my baby and her carriage in the car and headed over to the Oittaa recreation area not too far from my house in Espoo. I wanted to see if the ski trails were also accessible for walking. They were – and it left me thinking – what took me so long to get out here?? The walking was so nice (and great exercise) that I dragged the Mr. out there the day after he arrived from his trip. Smile
Oittaa is a destination that sees most of its visitors in the summer (the beach at Bodomjärvi, complete with water slide and Oittaa Camping) and in the winter (skiing, skiing and more skiing). The trail system is very well-maintained and is part of the greater system of trails that wind their way throughout Espoo. There are about five kilometres of lit trails at Oittaa and at the height of ski season the lights are on until 22.00 to accommodate all those diehard skiers.
Oittaa, however, is not just a summer and winter destination. I haven’t been to Oittaa in the spring (I think I have to head there next spring just because I have been there every other season…), but I imagine it is quite wet and muddy. The fall is a great time to go to Oittaa and walk because the colours are nice, which I have to say have been the best they have ever been in southern Finland since I have lived here. The day that I headed out there with my little one, I ran into some ladies who were out mushrooming.
Mushrooming is a popular past time for many Finns and it takes a trained eye to find the ones that are edible. You certainly do not want to pick just any mushroom you see. Oittaa actually runs a course every year for those wanting to know more about identifying edible species. The normal picking season starts in August and can run through to as late as November if the weather permits. This year the Finnish Forest Institute reported that August was rather dry, making for a poor start to the mushroom season. On the day that I saw these ladies, however, they had come out of the bush with quite the haul. They kindly allowed me to take their picture.

Now that the fall weather has been upon us for a few weeks, I am anxiously awaiting the snow. Then I and dozens of other "ski heads" can hit the trails!
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  1. anonymous permalink
    March 28, 2011 3:53 pm

    There are two (funny) instructions for picking mushrooms:
    1. Opi tuntemaan myrkkysienet. (Learn to recognize poisonous mushrooms.)
    2. Poimi vain tuntemiasi sieniä. (Only pick mushrooms that you can recognize.)

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