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It’s a small world

May 2, 2007
Having a baby has really made my world shrink. I normally follow current events rather closely, but my knowledge of world events over the last couple of months is in rather short supply. I suppose that is a good thing, as we tend only to hear about the horrible and over-sensationalized stuff. I do know what is going on in and around my house, as my range is mostly limited to as far as I can walk when I head outdoors with my little one. We’ve hopped on the bus a few times to go places, but that is only when we have a mission!
The spring weather arrived early in Finland this year – at least in the south. (Today on the news there were web cam shots from different places in Finland that had received SNOW overnight, brrr!) And with the good weather comes the annual battles over garbage and dog crap all over the place – this is the legacy of winter that we deal with every year, and every year there are people fuming over the dog poop issue… Some people in Espoo will never learn it seems – that picking up after your dog is the POLITE and logical thing to do… <sigh>   With a little one who will be walking and talking up a storm at this time next year, I will have to keep an eye on where she is headed when we’re out-of-doors!
With the good weather also come the numerous winos that spend their whole day drinking outside. Let me tell you – in Espoon keskus there are plenty of alcoholics who do just that. It’s a bit frustrating (and sometimes shocking) to see people drink their lives away. People just don’t do that in public where I come from… If they are drinking their lives away, they tend to do it behind closed doors. Last week on one of my daily walks I saw some teenage boys (obviously underage) drunk in the middle of the day – why the heck weren’t they in school for blimey’s sake?!
Being at home means that I’ve been able to see what life is "really" like during the course of a normal day in Espoon keskus and the surrounding area. It also surprises me to see how many people are out and about on a normal day going about their business. I never imagined that the stores could be so busy on a weekday morning. It makes me wonder what people are doing with their time…  Are they working shift work? Part time? Are they unemployed? Going to school?
I’ve also gotten a good look at the wildlife that hangs around in this area (mostly birds), it’s so neat to see all these birds on the move and to see the flowers blooming and the trees budding. Now I really know what my backyard looks like in the middle of the day!
Spring is here!  
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  1. Diana permalink
    May 11, 2007 11:55 am

    Howdy doody Carmen – good to see you posting again…… it’s getting very very warm here.  I’m going up north next week.  It’s warm up there, too!
    Piika (Flikka)

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