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Fashion sense?

January 15, 2007
I am not really into fashion… I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda person and could be comfortable in those clothes the rest of my life.
However, Finland just took over the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers ( for 2007. The theme this year focuses on "Region of Opportunity -Close to you". As part of the celebration of art, culture, mobility, education and so on throughout the year, there are numerous conferences and exhibitions planned all over the Nordic region.
One of these exhibitions is Finnish street fashion on show in Copenhagen from January 12 – February 25 called HEL LOOKS. Now while I don’t care for fashion, all you folks out there who do – might find this interesting. Check and see what folks are wearing on the streets of Helsinki. That way if you ever visit here, you’ll know how to fit in!  See the home pages of HEL LOOKS here:
I just couldn’t bring myself to dress like that – not even when I was a teenager! (My mom might beg to differ however…) Well in any case, the fun thing about living in Finland is that just about any fashion is "in" – I’ve never been anywhere where you can get away with being a punk rocker, a rock and roll dude, Goth, whatever… People here dress as they please and express themselves in so many different ways – it’s great! … But hey – Sorry, I’ll express myself and stick to my jeans and t-shirt any day…
See more on the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council here – click English to get to the English language pages.
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