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Phishers are such idiots…

December 22, 2006
I really hate getting phishing e-mail from those idiots out there in cyberspace. I get a few every week and I always report them. Quite often I get phishing email from "Paypal" (most often these days), "eBay" (not so much anymore), different "banks" (most of them Canadian, some from the States).
I am by no means a technical whiz, but I can thank my colleagues at work for get me started on the world of hi-tech. With their help I understand a whole lot more than I did six years ago. Alright but back to the topic at hand: Not sure how to combat phishing? Learn about it first! Read what you can about SPAM and phishing so that you can protect yourself against it. Not an IT person? Learning more about the hi-tech world can be made easier by understanding some of the jargon.
Get started:
  • – F-secure Corporation (Read their weblog too – even if you don’t understand all of the hi-tech jargon and commentary. I’ve learned a lot just by following their activities. They collaborate with a lot of other groups, companies and organizations in reporting foul activity on the net. They even answer email to their weblog if you have a good question for them! Keep up the good work F-secure.)
  • – The Anti-Phishing Working Group (They collaborate with dozens of companies and organizations around the world.)
  • – MillerSmiles (They have a library of articles and tools for beginners!)
The first thing that should indicate that you’ve received a phishing e-mail is whether you are a customer of said bank or service. If you are not – then voila! Report it and hope those fools don’t try again – because they would be stupid to do so.
If it looks to good to be true – it is!…
I’ll stop ranting – phishers are idiots – it just had to be said.
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