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Ski in a tube!

November 29, 2006
In Finland there are currently five established ski tubes: Leppävirta, Vuokatti, Paimio, Jämi and Uusikaupunki. There are plans to build ski tubes in Lahti, Vantaa and Sippoo. I sure hope that they will build one in Espoo someday!
What is a ski tube you ask? Otherwise known in Finnish as a "hiihtoputki" (straight translation), a ski tube is generally an underground / covered facility that has manufactured snow for us ski nuts to ski on.
We’re suffering from a real lack of snow in Finland right now, it really is very pathetic! The Mr. and I, however, decided to scratch our ski itch a few weeks ago and tried out the ski tube in Leppävirta, just south of Kuopio. We happened to be up there anyways, so we packed our skis into the car. The course looped back and forth on itself and one round was about 1.5 km. I had a wickedly sore back that day, but after skiing I felt like a million bucks! See the attached pictures to get a better idea of what we tried out.
For €10 (in Leppävirta), you can ski to your little heart’s content and you have access to lockers and showers. So if this lack of snow keeps up, I think you’ll find the Mr. and I visiting these ski tubes more often!
See more on ski tubes in Finland:
An aside: The Fortum Ski Tunnel in Torsby, Sweden is Sweden’s first ski tube and was opened in June 2006. At 1.3 km long, 8 m wide and 4 m high, the Fortum Ski Tunnel is the largest in the world.
Ski your face off!  (If you can….)
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