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Explore in Espoo

October 6, 2006
The Mr. and I make a point of checking out new places (bike riding routes, hiking trails, etc.) every year. We try to visit a new place in Finland every year; and with the exception of visiting my family in Canada – we visit a new country (or city) every year.
I’ve lived in Espoo since 2002 and there is still a lot to explore around here. In the spring we went on a three-hour cruise in the archipelago just south of the city. Now while it’s not cheap (€20 a piece), it is worth doing at least once. The fall cruising season has just wrapped up, so you will have to wait until next spring to discover the archipelago in Espoo. Back in the spring, we passed by some of the same places we had been skiing at in the winter time. It was fun to point out the islands that we skied around and the point where we turned back (see blog entry from March 2006 that has pictures of paraskiers in it). The little island of Pentala is one of the only archipelago islands that has an inland lake. This little lake is not lost on the scads of migrating birds either; we saw a few when we were there. Check out the attached pictures of our cruise.
Make it part of your itinerary next spring! It’s worth it.
We also did some biking in new places this year and found a route that is to our liking. We also found a new place to go swimming – especially if you want to avoid the crowds and gunk in the water at places like Oittaa. I am going to keep that one a secret though!… If you read any of my blog entries from last winter, you’ll also recall the killer ski trip from Pirttimäki to Solvalla. I am looking forward to strapping the boards on again this coming winter – bring it on, so we can go exploring some more!
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